Telehealth: Technology Says Hello to Healthcare

The internet has transformed modern life in several ways. It’s changed how we purchase and receive goods and services, stay in touch with friends and family, and even search for information about health issues. 

What is Telehealth 
Telehealth is the use of technology such as computers or mobile devices to receive remote health care from the comfort of your home. Doctors, physical therapists, therapy, dentists, etc., use technology to communicate with new and current patients to improve or support most health care services. 

Professional’s use Telehealth to allow accessible health care to clients. Services are more convenient for people with limited time or transportation options and improves communication and coordination of care among professionals and patients. 

According to NEJM Catalyst, a 2015 Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device (CIED) study, patients who included remote monitoring capabilities had a higher rate of survival than patients without it, which is why it’s important for all clients to have accessibility. 

Three Benefits of Telehealth Visits
Health care facilities allow new and current clients to attend appointments using video calls or phone calls to discuss any issues in the comfort of your own home, office, or any preferred location outside the healthcare office. 

Video call appointments allow professionals to examine patients by updating health information, accessing body movements, asking questions about daily life, etc. This allows the patient to receive answers about any condition/pain just like an in-person appointment. 

Professionals allowing video call appointments can improve the quality of healthcare, while making it convenient for patients. Professionals can examine the body and offer exercises that will help patients reduce pain and return to daily life. This also allow patients to return to their favorite active activities and hobbies much quickly. 

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