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Do you have heel pain?

Take 5 minutes to watch my tips to alleviate your pain:

Telehealth: Technology Says Hello to Healthcare

The internet has transformed modern life in several ways. It’s changed how we purchase and receive goods and services, stay in touch with friends and family, and even search for information about health issues.  What is Telehealth Telehealth is the use of technology such as computers or mobile devices to receive remote health care from the […]
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What Is TMD and Five Exercises to Help Reduce Pain

The temporomandibular joints contain muscles, tendons and bones that are important to the jaw that help us talk, chew, and swallow. The joints connect your jaw to your skull, which are very complex structures that cause pain if one side or both sides become injured.  When this joint is injured or damaged, it can lead […]
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Back pain? Get physical therapy 1st!

50-80% of adults will suffer from low back pain in their lifetime.(1) Instead of going the emergency room where you may have to sit and wait for hours, see a physical therapist right away. A physical therapist can reduce your pain with manual therapy and exercises, giving you relief without the use of medication. A […]
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It’s never too late to get strong!

Out of Network? what is it and why?

Motus Physical Therapy NW is an out-of-network provider for most insurance networks. This means we do not bill your insurance for your appointments, instead payment is due to Motus PT NW at the time of service. However we will provide you with a superbill and the proper paperwork for you to submit for reimbursement to […]
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Knee Pain and Running

Do you run for fun, fitness or stress release? Whatever your reason, running is a wonderful cardiovascular activity with full body benefits. According to a long-term study, runners have longer lifespans and are less likely to develop a disabililty1. A study followed runners and non-runners over a 21-year time span to determine if runners were […]
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